Python 3.3.3 excel read problems using xlrd

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Python 3.3.3 excel read problems using xlrd

Postby danimal » Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:05 pm

I'm new to python and new to the forum, though I have had programming experience using many other programming languages in the past as an EE student. With that said, I am not that great at programming in general, just enough to get by when I need it. But now I am transitioning over to a new position at my job where python will help out immensely so I am trying to learn on a need based method.

My setup:

Python 3.3.3

First problem: xlutils-1.7.0 would not install no matter what I did. I used the command prompt and installed it the same way as all of the other packages, but it returned an error. Feeling that I did not need it yet I moved on.

Second problem: Using xlrd, I can not import an .xls or xlsx file in any meaningful way. I have tried verifying encoding, but even when I change encoding I seem to get the same output. Example output as seen in Python 3.3.3 Shell:

< Object at 0x0108DF90>

What I have:
Calling from PyExcelerate I can write, manipulate and save .xlsx files with no problem. I just need to figure how to import the data from .xlsx files in a way that I can assign cell by cell block values as variables and rewrite them onto another file. I am compiling information from a list of excel files and want to arrange data for a report that will be saved as an excel file. I have just began to get all of this together, but here is what I have so far:

Code: Select all
from mmap import mmap,ACCESS_READ
from xlrd import open_workbook

print (open_workbook('simple.xls','rb')
with open('simple.xls','rb') as f:
    print (open_workbook(file_contents=mmap(f.fileno(),0,access=ACCESS_READ)))

The above code seems to output a similar value to the shell as I listed above, twice. As you can see this is adjusted code from the examples, adjusted for python 3 syntax. I have gone through tutorials, and the library for literally every term in the code to verify all input methods and conditions. I don't know what I am seeing, and being new to the language I am having a hard time decoding what the output is derived from. Thanks in advance for you help.
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Re: Python 3.3.3 excel read problems using xlrd

Postby Yoriz » Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:43 pm

You need to carry on reading the tutorial
The code you have shown is from page 7, and shows how to get a book object that you then use to obtain the infomation from that workbook.
Carry on with the tutorial pdf and it will show you how to use the book object.
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Re: Python 3.3.3 excel read problems using xlrd

Postby danimal » Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:06 pm

Yup, I'm dumb, it worked fine. I just was hung up getting an unexpected result and did not want to move on. Thanks for the quick response.
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