Reading a list of IP's and Pinging them

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Reading a list of IP's and Pinging them

Postby sudo » Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:33 pm

Hello all. First post here, thanks for having me. Getting started with Python and hoping to get some questions answered.

My first project is to create a list of IP addresses and ping them- showing the output. First I'm creating a list of IP's which I have below- but how do I pipe each IP address, one by one, into a ping command? Should I use a list?


Code: Select all
router = raw_input("router: ")
start = input("start of ip: ")
start = start - 1 # otherwise list starts +1 in my range
finish = input("end of ip: ")
import sys
while start < finish:
   start = start + 1
   print router,
   sys.stdout.softspace=0 #deletes auto spaces
   print start

router: 10.10.10.
start of ip: 1
end of ip: 6

For the ping I was planning to:
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import subprocess["ping"])
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