Is this possible in Python???

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Is this possible in Python???

Postby Fancy Hands » Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:21 pm

I'm currently working on an online survey system which asks users to type a testimonial about their experience at the end. Afterwards, they are taken to a page where there are social media buttons as well as a copy of their testimonial text. The idea is that they could copy the text, hit a social media button to sign into their account, paste their testimonial, and post it.

To me, the above is a clunky process and asks too much of the user. I would much rather have the user just have to click the button, sign into their social media account, and a portion of their testimonial text would be ready to post without the copying and pasting.

I know how to make social media buttons with static scripts, so that when you click on the button it will have a string of text or a link to automatically post to Facebook or Twitter (ex: a news article link), but I was wondering if there's a dynamic script out there that could automatically take a block of text from a review and insert it into this static code (or create the code with the static text) so that it (again) really just involves them clicking the social media button and signing into their account with a tweet or post pre-prepared for posting.

I was hoping you could either give me a direction on how this is accomplished code/script-wise and/or any examples of sites doing something like this.
Fancy Hands
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Re: Is this possible in Python???

Postby setrofim » Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:46 pm

It would be possible in Python, but this sort of thing is usually done client-side with Javascript.
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