Prime code [HELP]

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Prime code [HELP]

Postby GabrielSilva » Wed May 22, 2013 4:36 pm

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def prime(x):
    while c<x:
        while d%y!=0:
            y = y + 1
        if d == y:
            k = k.append(d)
            c = c + 1
        d = d + 1
    return k   

I'm trying to write the x first prime numbers, where I'm incorrect in this code ?
And... what is the diference between "return" and "print" ? I still don't noticed any difference...
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Re: Prime code [HELP]

Postby hansn » Wed May 22, 2013 5:50 pm

print just prints the output to your terminal without any side effects. with the return statement your function returns a value that you can for example put in a variable.

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def return_primes (limit):
    primes = [2]
    for x in range(3, limit+1, 2):
        is_prime = True
        for i in range(3, int (x**0.5+1.5)):
            if x % i == 0:
                is_prime = False
        if is_prime:
            primes.append (x)
    return primes

var = return_primes (1000) # var would be None without the return statement

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