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Installation Calico

Postby odyssey » Sat Dec 21, 2013 12:54 am

I am trying to install Calico on this site;O=D;P=*, but it is not installing correctly.

What I did:

- I clicked on since the newer versions don't even open for me.
- Once I clicked on it windows opened it and asked me to either open it with "windows explorer" or save file. I opened it with windows explorer.
- Then when it finished downloading it asked me to extract all files, which I did.
- Once it extracted all files I opened the folder Calico and doubled clicked StartCalico.
- Once I opened StartCalico, the program opened but it did not work properly.

Some of the problems I have with it is that, there is no desktop icon and if I do try to put a desktop version it doesn't open. When I save a script it does not open and windows says it can't locate file.
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