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cipher repo

Postby dan » Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:59 pm

Hello everyone, I've been programming in python for around 2 months now, I've made enciphering and deciphering programs for the atbash, caeser and vigenere ciphers. There is also an advanced_vigenere, in which for each row there are now 96 possible characters, instead of the usual 26 uppercase letters. I put the programs on my new shiny github account for y'all guys to take a look at (if you're interested of course :D ), Be gentle with me though - I'm still a n00b!

I'm currently working on a playfair cipher, but it's proving to be extremely difficult. I'm currently at the point where I've managed to create the key, and I've managed to prepare the text for ciphering. Trouble is, it's NOT pretty. Seriously, the code is a mess, I'm gonna work on for a while longer, there must be better ways than what I'm doing. I was also thinking of adding a hash repo and creating programs for hashing text, and also a program for dictionary attacks on hashes. Should be fun, I'll update this post if/when I get round to making them.
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