Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Postby XndrK » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:43 pm

If anyone knows of a way I could clean it up, let me know. In the meantime, enjoy!

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# A note: This was created as part of a Coursera course in Python called "Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python".

# helper functions

def number_to_name(number):
    """Converts computer number to name of weapon"""
    name = None
    name_list = ["rock", "Spock", "paper", "lizard", "scissors"]
    if number in range(5):
        name = name_list[number]
        print "number_to_name problem!"
    return name

def name_to_number(name):
    """Converts name of weapon to computer number"""
    number = None
    name_list = ["rock", "Spock", "paper", "lizard", "scissors"]
    if name in name_list:
        number = name_list.index(name)
        number = None
    return number

def rpsls(name):
    """Gameplay of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock"""
    #import random
    #decomment above once done testing
    # convert name to player_number using name_to_number
    player_number = name_to_number(name)
    # compute random guess for comp_number using random.randrange()
    #comp_number = random.randrange(0, 5)
    comp_number = 4 #test
    # compute difference of player_number and comp_number modulo five
        verdict = (player_number - comp_number) % 5
    except TypeError:
        verdict = None
    # use if/elif/else to determine winner
    who_wins = None
    if verdict == 1 or verdict == 2:
        who_wins = "Player"
    elif verdict == 3 or verdict == 4:
        who_wins = "Computer"
    elif isinstance(verdict, int): #I think this is the problem
        who_wins = "Tie"
        who_wins = "error"

    # convert comp_number to name using number_to_name
    comp_choice = number_to_name(comp_number)
    # print results
    print ""
    print "Player chooses", name
    print "Computer chooses", comp_choice
    if who_wins == "Tie":
        print "Nobody wins. That was anticlimactic."
    elif who_wins != "error":
        print who_wins, "wins!"
        print "Player DQ'd for banned weapon."
play = True

def want_to_play():
    want_to_play = raw_input("Do you want to play again? y/n ")
    if want_to_play[0].lower() == "y":
        return True
        return False

while play:
    player_choice = raw_input("Enter rock, paper, scissors, lizard, or Spock (with capitalization). ")
    play = want_to_play()
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