Tkinter Frame reset

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Tkinter Frame reset

Postby nicodasiko » Sat Aug 09, 2014 10:38 am

Ok so I am working on a little project and I cant seem to solve something with it. I have a label and then a clear button and I want all the numbers in the label to clear when I push the button. This button is on a separate frame to the buttons. I would like to clear the frame and then set all the widgits back to how they were one you first open the app(Label being blank). I have tried to destroy it with frame.destry() and then try re create it in a function but it never recreates its self. Also when I tried grid_forget() on it, it never came back either when I tried to frame it and then grid it back on there. I can clear the label by just adding a long blank string to it to overwrite the numbers behind because I would like to have the user add more numbers in there like starting fresh. This long blank string wont work because the buttons add on to the existing string so the label keeps getting updated with the new buttons pressed. I tried to remove the label but that never came back either. Please help me with trying to clear the label or the whole window back to its original blank settings
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