Force check directory items

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Force check directory items

Postby salik89 » Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:11 pm

Hi all, I have a problem with some directory issues I presume.
I have 2 ListWidgets - jobItemList and refItemList, and 1 LineEdit - CatName and 2 PushButtons - SetCatName and SetConfirm

# Item0X are folders from the directory
CatName = 'Test01'
jobItemList = ['Item01', 'Item02', 'Item03']
refItemList = ['Item01', 'Item02']

CatName = 'Test02'
jobItemList = ['Item04', 'Item05', 'Item06']
refItemList = ['Item05', 'Item06']

self.connect(self.setCatName, SIGNAL('clicked()'), self.updateCat)

# updateCat is using of my school in-house modules similar to os.listdir.

When user executes the program, upon the input of CatName and the click of SetCatName button, it will prints out the ItemName and the refItemList (based on the currentItem selected)
For example, if the ItemName = 'Test02' and 'Item 05' is selected, it will prints as Test02, Item05
- The ItemName can be repeatedly switched between Test01 or Test02 until user hits the SetConfirm button to print

Currently the problem I encountered is, instead of printing the example as above, it prints 'Test01, Item05', as I fear it could be due to my usage of my school's in-house modules as it uses os.environ['Item'] - To log in the CatName and os.environ['Item'] for the item selected in ListWidgets

As such, are there any ways in which during the execution of the program, to force it to check and make sure that the Items belongs to the CatName?
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