Delete Objects from Layout

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Delete Objects from Layout

Postby machupicchu » Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:17 am

Hi guys,

I would like to delete objects from my layout and I dont know how I should do this.

Code: Select all
    list_label = []
    count = len(list_label) -1
    def createNewTextEditApiKey(self):
        if self.lineEdit_combobox_api.currentText() == 'New Data':
            text, _ = QInputDialog.getText(self, 'Input Dialog',
            'Enter data name:')
            self.new_line_label = QLabel(text)
            t = [x for x in self.list_label]
            self.line_edit_layout_datasource.addWidget(x)            <--------------------Adding objects to my layout
        print self.list_label
    def deleteData(self):
        if self.lineEdit_combobox_api.currentText() == 'Delete Data':
            del self.list_label[self.count]

I can delete my list but I also wanna delete the objects in my layout. Have someone an Idea?

Thanks in advance
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