Basic TKinter error..HELP PLEASE

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Basic TKinter error..HELP PLEASE

Postby marcofgodai » Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:52 pm


I'm new to the world of coding, but I want to make basic GUI's for Autodesk Maya 2013 (and potentially Motionbuilder 2013). I use maya 2012-2014 just fyi in case that helps anyone.

I am running a MacBook Pro, Intel i5, OSX 10.6.8

I recently installed Python 2.7.5 (and 3.3 just as backup). I plan to use 2.7.5.
I downloaded the right python for my machine.

When I open maya, or the python shell and try to import Tkinter, i get the following error.

Code: Select all
import Tkinter

# Error: ImportError: dlopen(/Applications/Autodesk/maya2013/, 2): no suitable image found.  Did find:
   /Applications/Autodesk/maya2013/ mach-o, but wrong architecture #

Anyone know what to do? I've been reading about all these additional pieces and resetting python paths etc etc, but is there a CLEAR and CONCISE answer of how to solve this?
Any help is great help,

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