tkinter: How to make LARGE button using grid manager

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tkinter: How to make LARGE button using grid manager

Postby rovf » Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:05 pm

(Python 2.3.5, OSX 10.4)

Using the grid manager, I would like to have a button, which spans two rows.

My first approach was this:

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The button created, has the same height as a button layed out without 'rowspan'; it is just centered between first and second row.

Of course I could explicitly set the height to "twice the height of a row in the grid", when creating the Button object, but I don't know in advance, how high a grid row will be.

Is there some (easy) way to have the button to be created automatically, so that it covers two grid rows? The result should look somehow like this:

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+  ENTRY FIELD                            +XXXXXXXXX+
+ ENTRY FIELD                             +XXXXXXXXX+

The whole XXXX... area should be a single button.

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