tkinter, japanese "kotaeri" input method does not work

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tkinter, japanese "kotaeri" input method does not work

Postby rovf » Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:24 pm

(Python 2.3.4, OSX 10.4)

For entering Japanese text, I switch my keyboard to the Japanese "kotoeri" input method ( This doesn't work anymore, when entering the text in a tkinter Entry widget.

The problems are not the characters itself. I can switch the keyboard schema to, say, Greek, and happily enter Greek characters. I can type a Japanese text in an application outside of tkinter (Terminal command line, text editor,...), copy it and paste it into the Entry widget. This all works fine. It is just that I can't type the Japanese text directly into the widget. It is as if the "Kotoeri" input handler is bypassed.

I googled for this problem, and while I didn't find anything special for the Mac, I found one user complaining a very similar problem on Microsoft Windows, where also an input method akin to Kotoeri exists. The culprit in this case was a bug in the Tk libraries.

Is there a similar, known bug in the Tk libraries for this OSX version too?
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