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I am doing a base station to track/aim at moving targets.

I already have script for 2 GPS bearing etc... Now I am defining how to get data from moving target to base station.
As for now, I will use WIFI, and base station as Router.

I started Android app using TCP sockets, and taht was the "clean" way of doing it. Client open socket and send updates to server. Server would then compute new bearings etc...

Since I am doing if on Android, and at this stage I was not planning to spend much time on that device, I was planning to use simple HTTP post or get to a custom webserver.
The webserver would get the parameters and values and update the other python script.

No encryption etc..

so moving object would send to base station: http:/
and the server would capture that data, without actually serving anything, just OK reply.

Is there something already done? I am wuite new to python, and this project was kind of start up for me.
Usually I program c++ ...

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