Required: Python Adblock

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Required: Python Adblock

Postby em.rexhepi » Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:33 pm

I need a web app python script that fetches data from a website, filters it from ads with easylist of adblockplus and displays it.

Anyone who can do this pls. pm me or put a contact here, i'll contact you.
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Re: Required: Python Adblock

Postby stranac » Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:31 pm

Sent you a pm.
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Re: Required: Python Adblock

Postby em.rexhepi » Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:08 pm

stranac wrote:Sent you a pm.

Sent you one back.

I did a lot of research though and found this links:
The algorithm ... _algorithm

Python algorithm library

ABP algorithm explained: ... algorithms

Writing ABP algorithm rules:

Some version on github that does not work: ...

Some version that matches tooo little or nothing:

I want one that works really good like the plugin works for firefox and chrome
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Re: Required: Python Adblock

Postby micseydel » Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:49 pm

I believe that Adblock, being a browser extension, is just Javascript and so is somewhat inherently open source. Someone with knowledge of Python and Javascript should be able to copy exactly what they have in terms of the algorithm, assuming the license allows it.
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