Python OpenERP develop/set-up contract work in NYC

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Python OpenERP develop/set-up contract work in NYC

Postby darrinbond » Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:48 pm

Bond,, is an exciting new e-commerce startup based in Manhattan, that's focused on strengthening relationships through giving. We are looking for a Python guru for contract hire to help develop, customize, and set-up our OpenERP platform.

We already have our operating procedures detailed, so we DO NOT need help creating a work flow to correlate with OpenERP, however we do need help developing/customizing OpenERP to fit our process. Below is detail on a couple of the items we need implemented in OpenERP.

1. Add/create specific fields on PO
2. Add ability to label individual products with a label/barcode
3. Add ability to scan a product label (w/confirmation of correct or incorrect item) when processing order
4. Add API for UPS/Fedex

If interested contact Darrin at
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