looking for Python/PHP/Ruby expertise-working with Django

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looking for Python/PHP/Ruby expertise-working with Django

Postby liam Revizer » Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:06 am

Hi ,

I am looking for workers with these qualification to join our company - Revizer.com
We are a young x-sturtup company with a lot of good minds and tons of work to do.

Our offices are in central Tel-Aviv

If you have someone interested please email me his/her CV to liam@revizer.com


1. Windows desktop applications developer
C++/C# Win 32 Developer
Windows and browser add-on developer
Knowledge of browser plug-ins and extensions and architecture
Proven Experience in the developing windows client application
Deep knowledge in WIN32 API - Advantage
Deep understanding with C#/C++ patterns and objects oriented development (OOD/OOP)

2. Backend Developer
Developing and maintaining product backend.

2+ years of experience in a lead or senior development role.
Python, PHP or Ruby expertise. (Python prefered)
Knowledgeable in working with Django, Flask or other web frameworks.
Database experience.
Linux knowledge (sys admin level is a plus).

Solid background in web services .
Experienced with high volume traffic.
Skillfulness with both front-end and back-end development.
Familiarity with JavaScript and one or more of its libraries (e.g. jQuery, YUI, Mootools), CSS3 and HTML5

3. QA

· with cover letter is better
· professorial network profile if relevant
· can provide recommendations
· at least few years exp as QA
· willing to work in small company
· education - some is good
· testing windows apps
· testing web apps
· understanding of windows internals
· anti viruses/security
· bug tracking systems - must
· knowledge of QA procedures/docs - must
· communication skills, good character - must
· documentation/tracking skills - must
· good writing English - must
· team player
· culture of working
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