Pokemon Remake

Pokemon Remake

Postby joeycha100 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:00 am

I am trying to make a pokemon remake called derpmon. Here is the code, the problem is that there is an unknown syntax error that I can't fix. Can someone please locate it and help me in general with my project?

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import random
import turtle

class Derpi(object):
  HP = 10
  Attack = 5

class Dooey(object):
  HP = 10
  Attack = 6

DerpiMoves = ['Derp','Shine']   #These are the moves for Derpi.
DooeyMoves = ['Glop','Shine']   #And the moves for Dooey.
DerplyMoves = ['Derp','Shine','Slug']
DoopeyMoves = ['Glop','Cry','Power Glop']
DerpliKingMoves = ['Power Derp','Glare','Slug','Suck']
Dooperly = ['Power Glop','Cry','Slug','Suck']

print ('Hello there! I am Proffesor Briggensburg!')
print ('Who might you be?')
myName=input('Input your name : ')
print ('It\'s very nice to meet you,' + myName)
print ('Oh wait! You are ' + myName + ' from that school aren\'t you? I remember you now, but it was a long time ago. Yes, I can see the resemblance.')
print ('Well then, meet me at my house. I live on Birk Street, across from you.')
myOtter=input('Press ENTER to continue')
print ('It is early afternoon, and you are coming to eat lunch.')
print ('')
print ('')
myOtter=input('Press ENTER to continue')
print ('Mom : ' + myName + ' have you met Prof. Briggensburg yet? He is giving out prizes for who can win his contest! You should join it!')
myOtter=input('Press ENTER to continue')
print ('')
print ('You join the large crowd at the park, expecting not to win any prizes.')
print ('Prof B : It\'s a great day to get out here and have some fun, don\'t you all think?')
print ('Prof B : In fact, my grandson, umm? I can\'t remember his name! *Chuckles lightly* Well anyway, he is also competing here today. There he is now!')
print ('Rob: Hey ' + myName + ' , don\'t you know his name? I wanna know it.')
myKid=input('Enter his name : ')
print ('Rob : Oh yeah! ' + myKid + ' was his name.')
print ('You and Rob quickly share this information with others as the Prof chooses slips of paper in the raffle box.')
myOtter=input('Press ENTER to continue')
print ('Prof. B: And the winner is.......')
myOtter=input('Press ENTER to continue')
print ('Prof. B : ' + myName + ' and ' + myKid + '! What a lucky pair you are!')
print ('Prof B : Choose which Derpmon you will battle with. There are two, as you can see. There is Derpi and there is Dooey. You two have been rivals ever since you were children!')
derpmon = []      #This is the derpmon list. Remember 'append' to add stuff to it
derpmonChoice = input("Select your DerpMon!:")
if derpmonChoice == ('Derpi'):
  print('Prof. B : Congratulations, you recieved Derpi!')
  print('Your pokemon: ' + derpmonChoice)
elif derpmonChoice == ('Dooey'):
  derpmon.append('Dooey')      #This is where the Pokemon is added to the first list.
  derpmon = str(derpmon)
  print('Your pokemon: ' + derpmon)
print ( "Prof B : Good choice, " + myName)
  print ('Sorry, that is not not one of the derpmon!)
  derpmonChoice2 = input('Please choose again: ')
  if derpmonChoice2 == ('Derpi'):
         print('Congratulations! You recieved Derpi!')
  if derpmonChoice2 == ('Dooey'):
         print('Congratulations! You recieved Dooey!')
if derpmonChoice == ('Derpi'):
  print  (myKid + ' : Then I will choose Dooey!')
if derpmonChoice == ('Dooey'):
  print (myKid + ' : Then I will choose Derpi!')
print ('')
print ('')
battleStart=input('Press any key to start the battle!')       #Rememember to copy this for each battle! You dont want to type this again and again!
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Re: Pokemon Remake

Postby stranac » Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:57 am

Please read this to learn how to post code properly: viewtopic.php?t=145
Also, please post the error traceback whenever you get a error and ask for help.

There are multiple errors in this code.
The one python finds first is on the line 58, the else is missing the column, and it's also outside of any if/else blocks.
The line after that is missing a single quote.

Also, please fix your indentation, it's all over the place.
A single indentation level should always be 4 spaces.
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