Python coding problems need HELP!

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Python coding problems need HELP!

Postby TheFakePiCrew » Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:46 am

Hi i'm relatively new to python and i'm struggling a bit please could somebody tell me what is wrong with this Hangman script.
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#importing the time module
import time
#welcoming the user
name = raw_input('What is your name?')
print 'Hello, + name, Time to play hangman!'
print "\n"
#wait for 1 second
print 'Start guessing...'
#here we set the secret
word = 'secret'
#creates an variable with an empty value
guesses = ''
#determine the number of turns
turns = 10
# Create a while loop
#check if the turns are more than zero
while turns > 0:         
    # make a counter that starts with zero
    failed = 0             
    # for every character in secret_word   
    for char in word:     
    # see if the character is in the players guess
        if char in guesses:   
        # print then out the character
            print char,   
        # if not found, print a dash
            print "_",     
        # and increase the failed counter with one
            failed += 1   
    # if failed is equal to zero
    # print You Won
    if failed == 0:       
        print '\nYou won'
    # exit the script
    # ask the user go guess a character
    guess = raw_input('guess a character:')
    # set the players guess to guesses
    guesses += guess                   
    # if the guess is not found in the secret word
    if guess not in word: 
     # turns counter decreases with 1 (now 9)
        turns -= 1       
    # print wrong
        print 'Wrong\n'   
    # how many turns are left
        print 'You have', + turns, 'more guesses'
    # if the turns are equal to zero
        if turns == 0:           
        # print "You Loose"
            print 'You Loose\n'
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Re: Python coding problems need HELP!

Postby Yoriz » Sun Jan 12, 2014 11:29 am

Hi welcome to the forum.
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There is no traceback of any error your getting or no description of what it is not doing for you that it should be.
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