VERY Basic Program -- Need Help

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VERY Basic Program -- Need Help

Postby mrstat » Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:29 am

Hey guys, here's a problem I'm having while trying to learn Python...

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#Write a program that asks for two numbers. If the sum of the numbers is greater than 100, print "That is a big number."
print("I want two numbers...")
number1 = int(input("First number: ")
number2 = int(input("Second number: ")             

if number1 + number2 > 100:
              print('That is a big number.")

For whatever reason, I get a syntax error when I try to run this program. I saved everything in the proper format (.py) and have no idea why this program fails to run. This is the error message:


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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Re: VERY Basic Program -- Need Help

Postby micseydel » Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:11 am

On line 3 you're missing a close parenthesis. Weird syntax errors are often a missing closing character, either a quote, paren, bracket or what have you.

Kudos for making a good first post by the way. The screenshot wasn't necessary but it didn't hurt!
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Re: VERY Basic Program -- Need Help

Postby zeycus » Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:24 am

There is also a small problem with the last print. The string is written as:
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'That is a big number."

You opened it with one delimiter, and closed with the other, which is not legal. You can choose between the single or double quote for delimiting strings, but in the same string you need to be consistent.

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