Add FLAC support in a script

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Add FLAC support in a script

Postby andoru » Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:48 pm

Hello, a fellow Python noob here. A friend of mine made a command prompt script to display/index all the wav files in one folder and calculate their duration by adding the minutes and seconds from each track.
Here's the script:
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# A programme to create an index in hours, minutes, and seconds if all .wav files in the current directory are joined together in order. Also displays track's length in seconds if -s is used on command line.

import sys
import os
import struct

debug = False

NL = "\n"
TB = "\t"

displayTrackSecs = False
displayTimeList = False
removeZZZinList = False
removeZZZ = False

channels = 2
samplerate = 48000
samplesize = 2
bytesPerSecond = channels*samplerate*samplesize
sizeThusFar = 0

timeList = []

def Debug(inTxt):
 if debug: print ("--Debug: " + str(inTxt))

curDirContents = os.listdir(".")
# A header tuple contains: filename, format, #channels, samples per second, bytes per second, bytes per sample, bytes of PCM data.
headerData = []

files = []

if sys.argv.__contains__("-z"):
 removeZZZinList = True
if sys.argv.__contains__("-Z"):
 removeZZZ = True
if sys.argv.__contains__("-s"):
 displayTrackSecs = True

if sys.argv.__contains__("-t"):
 displayTimeList = True

for i in curDirContents:
 if i.endswith(".wav"):

for i in files:
 theFile = open(i, 'rb')
 rawData =
 udTmp = struct.unpack('4sI4s4sIHHIIHH4sI', rawData)
 relevantData = [udTmp[5], udTmp[6], udTmp[7], udTmp[8], udTmp[10]/8, udTmp[12]]
 headerData.append([i] + relevantData)

channels, samplerate, samplesize, bytesPerSecond = headerData[0][2], headerData[0][3], headerData[0][5], headerData[0][4]

for i in headerData:
 if i[1] != 1:
   quit(i[0] + " is not a canonical WAV/PCM file.")
 if channels != i[2]:
   quit(i[0] + " has a different number of channels.")
 if samplerate != i[3]:
   quit(i[0] + " has a different sample rate.")
 if samplesize != i[5]:
   quit(i[0] + " has a different sample size.")

for i in headerData:
 outString = ""
 curTime = sizeThusFar/bytesPerSecond
 hours = curTime/3600
 minutes = (curTime % 3600) /60
 seconds = curTime % 60
 nameTimeSet = [i[0], ((sizeThusFar + i[6])/bytesPerSecond) - curTime]
 # if hours != 0:
 if displayTrackSecs:
   outString += TB + str(nameTimeSet[1])
 if displayTimeList:
   if removeZZZinList:
     if nameTimeSet[0].__contains__("zzz"):
       timeList[timeList.__len__()-1] += nameTimeSet[1]
 outString += i[0] + str(hours) + ":" "%02d:" % minutes + "%02d " % seconds

 if removeZZZ:
   if outString.__contains__("zzz"):
     outString = ""
 outString = outString.replace(".wav", " - ")   
 if outString != "":
   print outString
 sizeThusFar += i[6]
print "Total seconds: " + str(sizeThusFar/bytesPerSecond)

if displayTimeList:
  print timeList

It works well so far, but the only problem is that I usually need it to index my FLAC files, and each time I need to do that, I have to transcode all the FLAC files to WAV leading to a lot of wasteful HDD read/write cycles. So Is it possible to add to this script FLAC support? I know there's a tagging library for mp3, FLAC, ogg and other formats available for Python. If any of you could help me this I would really appreciate it!
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Add FLAC support in a script

Postby andoru » Sun May 18, 2014 3:39 am

*bump* Anyone?
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Re: Add FLAC support in a script

Postby micseydel » Sun May 18, 2014 5:07 am

Have you tried any of these?
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Re: Add FLAC support in a script

Postby andoru » Fri May 30, 2014 8:36 pm

Thanks for the reply, but as I mentioned in the first post, I don't know much about Python, so don't exactly know how to use those modules... :oops:
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