implementing download mechanism

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implementing download mechanism

Postby tkansara1 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:39 pm


I have a question about implementing download mechanism for an exe file.

Suppose I have a URL out on the internet like This URL is an an <a href> tag on users websites. I want to code the logic to serve an exe file while keeping the users on the 3rd party website. i came up with following solution:
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 myfile = ""

   meta_tag = "<html><head><meta http-equiv='Refresh' Content='1;URL=%s'></head></html>" % myfile
    return HttpResponse(meta_tag, content_type='force-download')   

However, this open a blank page and does serve the file. I do not have the file on my server, Is there a way in which I can I can serve/sernd the file and keep the user on the 3rd part web page? Or would downloading the exe and serving it from my own server be the only option ?

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