Using Django's Postman

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Using Django's Postman

Postby wrux » Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:33 pm

I am developing a web app using Django and i've come to the point where I need a private messaging system. From what i've seen, the best solution without trying to create my own messaging system is django-postman and i'm having some troubles getting it working with my system and I think the issue is with a different user model.

In my settings I have this:
Code: Select all
AUTH_USER_MODEL = 'accounts.Player'

My urls:
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url(r'^messages/', include('postman.urls')),

The system is installed correctly in my application, however it's coming up with this error when I try and send a mail: "Some usernames are unknown or no more active: test"

Has anybody had any experience with django-postman? I know it's probably a slim chance but i'm stuck for ideas
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