Issue when trying to read and write multiple files

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Issue when trying to read and write multiple files

Postby kumaraguru.r » Mon Jun 16, 2014 5:41 am

This script reads and writes all the individual html files in a directory. The script reiterates, highlight and write the output.The issue is, after highlighting the last instance of the search item, the script removes all the remaining contents after the last search instance in the output of each file. Any help here is appreciated.

Here is the code:

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import os
import sys
import re

source = raw_input("Enter the source files path:")

listfiles = os.listdir(source)

for f in listfiles:
    filepath = os.path.join(source+'\\'+f)
    infile = open(filepath, 'r+')
    source_content =
    color = ('red')
    regex = re.compile(r"(\b in \b)|(\b be \b)|(\b by \b)|(\b user \b)|(\bmay\b)|(\bmight\b)|(\bwill\b)|(\b's\b)|(\bdon't\b)|(\bdoesn't\b)|(\bwon't\b)|(\bsupport\b)|(\bcan't\b)|(\bkill\b)|(\betc\b)|(\b NA \b)|(\bfollow\b)|(\bhang\b)|(\bbelow\b)", re.I)
    i = 0; output = ""
    for m in regex.finditer(source_content):
        output += "".join([source_content[i:m.start()],
                           "<strong><span style='color:%s'>" % color[0:],

        i = m.end()
    outfile = open(filepath, 'w'), 2)
    print "\nProcess Completed!\n"

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Re: Issue when trying to read and write multiple files

Postby stranac » Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:39 am

Opening a file in write mode ('w') deletes the contents of the file.
To avoid this, you can either open it in append mode ('a'), or only open the file once, outside of the loop.
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