need help, pyhon, url, var, post, error, socket

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need help, pyhon, url, var, post, error, socket

Postby Mr. Scanner » Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:59 am

import urllib
import urllib2
import os
import time

my_server = '#mywebsitehere'

def postSmallData(data):
postthis = "/uURLvar.php?upload="+urllib.quote(str(data))
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(my_server)
conn.request("POST", postthis)

def ss2(string,BlockLength):
start = 0
end = BlockLength
loop = True
p = 0
while loop:
start += BlockLength
end += BlockLength
#a delayer , thought may get the job done :(
p += 1
if p == 160:#for server to wait
p = 0
if start > len(string): loop = False

a = open('largefile.7z','rb').read().encode('hex')
ss2(a, 4000)#this post data to php 4000 byte one post

#it works only for small bytes ~12kb max i think

#when i post something larger ex: 600kb, get an socket error, WHAT TO DO?
#i want to use URL var post as an file uploader with php.
#any recomandation?
Mr. Scanner
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Re: need help, pyhon, url, var, post, error, socket

Postby Yoriz » Sun Apr 07, 2013 2:27 pm


Please could you edit your code to include code tags so the indention is correct.
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