QT, UI, XML, Checkboxes and more!

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QT, UI, XML, Checkboxes and more!

Postby Dariusz » Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:35 pm


Right so I'll try to describe my status as quickly as I can. I'm CGI artist - photographer - mainly visual work. I started about 1 year ago learning python to help me with my work. Since then I can not stop using it. It decreased my working time by hours. Now most of the code I write is only for me as it stays in code - which is very non user friendly and FIX- meaning I cant change variables. Now I would like to be able to have UI. I have been fighting with UI's for about 6 months. Most of them I managed to solve however recent UI chellenge just break my head and I end up whining like baby. Just cant get through it. Basically in the past I was controlling single things. Click > Do > Done. Now I want to set up rules and then based on those rules I want to execute final action - this just don't fit in my head.

Anyway I'll start from basics:

What IDE ?! In past I used Maya now I need a standalone IDE that I could test scripts in and use. I looked around I got for example trial of JetBrains PyCharm but I cant execute script no matter what I do - made my cry hard for past few hours.

for QT I use QT Editor I think I'm fairly happy with it so far.

so next question is what really is xml with QT? One of my apps can only take UI using this format and xml is quite wide subject to research. Could any1 point me to a more compressed readable for new users definition please.

And lastly. Here is the basic script I'm working on.

Code: Select all
ActionA = "False"
AvtionB = "False"

def checkboxA(tick):
   if tick == True:
      ActionA = "True"
      print ActionA
      print " checkboxA Enabled"
      print " checkboxA Disabled"

def checkboxB(tick):
   if tick == True:
      ActionB = "True"
      print " checkboxB Enabled"
      print " checkboxB Disabled"

Now what I'm trying to do is to have few checkboxes. Than depending on their True/False value will cause button to execute certain commands.

For some reason this script is crashing. Now I have no idea if its Python or QT or the software itself is buggy... reason I think I need standalone IDE to test it.

Later on I want to add input lines and other stuff but thats not on my head right now.

So how do I go about creating settings in python and then executing them. Is my approach the right one?

Thanks, bye.
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Re: QT, UI, XML, Checkboxes and more!

Postby Dariusz » Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:41 pm


Thanks for help.
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