get excel fields into GIS dataset att table

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get excel fields into GIS dataset att table

Postby kimtheis » Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:37 am

i have been struggling with this one for a couple of weeks and I feel its time to ask for help. I have data that I collected for my MS thesis and I want to put it into a GIS. First, I need to create the fields in an attribute table. I have some code from my programming class but I cant get it to work properly. Ive error checked and there is at least one problem with the AddField portion of my code. I went into ESRI's help and sought out the proper data requirements but when I try to use them, I have no luck. The ESRI page states you need Mosaic Layer; Raster Catalog Layer; Raster Layer; Table View. I tried using a shapefile and a raster but they are "not supported". I have to assume because of the dataset needs.

I have no idea how I am going to make this work. I know this code format works because I used it in lab. I just want to make it work for my project/thesis....any suggestions? Here is my code. I was able to create a field called Uniq_ID, but I want my fields (40 or so). Do I just add them where the Uniq_ID is at? What about the rest of the code? My Geo_Proc_ is a spreadsheet that contains 1/3 of the fields I want to add. Do you think it should be where it is? It doesnt seem like it did anything but sit there :)

Again, any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful (Ive been working since July 20th or so)

Code: Select all
#Purpose: To add my table to a table in ArcGIS
#Syntax: AddField_management (in_table, field_name, field_type, {field_precision},
#{field_scale}, {field_length}, {field_alias}, {field_is_nullable}, {field_is_required}, {field_domain})

import arcpy
arcpy.env.workspace = "C:\\Users\\Kim\\Documents\\Lava_Beds_GIS\\KLavaBedsK\\LavaBeds.mdb"
arcpy.AddField_management("norcaldem", "Uniq_ID", "LONG")
cur = arcpy.UpdateCursor("Geo_Proc_") #create Update cursor for LABE_Boundary, which is where I want the new attributes to go to
for row in cur:
    row.Uniq_ID = + row.place_name
del cur, row
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