Minor ticks vanish in pylab subplots

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Minor ticks vanish in pylab subplots

Postby tnknepp » Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:45 pm

I am creating one figure that has four sub-plots, all of which are time series. I have the xaxis major ticks spaced every four hours, and want minor ticks every hour. When I set the minor ticks for the first subplot (called ax1) the minor ticks appear, as they should. However, when I set the minor ticks in ax2 they show up in ax2, but the minor ticks in ax1 disappear. This repeats for ax3, and ax4. So, in the end I have only minor xaxis ticks in the fourth subplot. I had the same problem with the yaxis, but resolved this issue using yaxis.set_minor_locator(MultipleLocator(5)) for each axis (see below). However, MultipleLocator does not seem to work for time series data. Does anyone know how I can keep my minor xaxis ticks?

Excerpt of applicable code:
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from pylab import *
from matplotlib.ticker import AutoMinorLocator, MultipleLocator
minor = AutoMinorLocator()

# Start plotting
fig = figure( figsize=(22,11) )
ax1 = fig.add_subplot(221) # 8-August 2011
ax2 = fig.add_subplot(222) # 9-August 2011
ax3 = fig.add_subplot(223) # 23-August 2011
ax4 = fig.add_subplot(224) # 24-August 2011

# This is repeated for ax2, ax3, and ax4, yielding a 2x2 grid of subplots. 

# Plot 8-August 2011 data

# Format plots
suptitle('Pandora/ACAM NO$_2$ Comparison', fontsize=22)

# Define xtick locations/string labels
xtickloc = [dt.datetime.combine(dates[0],dt.time())+dt.timedelta(hours=h) for h in range(0,25,4)]
xticklab = [dt.datetime.strftime(h,'%H:%M') for h in xtickloc]
ax1.set_xlabel('Hour of Day (UTC, EST+5)',fontsize=14)
ax1.set_ylabel('NO$_2$ Column Density (molec*cm$^{-2}$ E16)',fontsize=14)
ax1.axis( (dates[0],dates[0]+dt.timedelta(days=1),-0.05,1.5),fontsize=6,fontweight='bold')
ax1.set_title('08-August 2011',fontsize=16)
ax1.legend( ('Pandora VCD','ACAM dSCD'),loc=2,ncol=2)
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Numpy: 1.7
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