Prime problem

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Prime problem

Postby Vendelo » Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:17 pm


I'm pretty new to Python, so for fun and exercise I've been trying to write a procedure in which I input a number, and output every prime number in the interval [0:n].
I managed to do it pretty quickly by first defining a procedure that recognises and returns primes but later on I realised that I wanted two outputs so that if the input number was prime, I'd get True , n and if it wasn't I'd get False , 0.

But now, whenever I run the procedure that gives me all the primes it always ends the list with "None" and I can't figure out why!

Heres the definitions:

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def round_number(n):
    num = n + 0.5
    return int(str(num)[:str(num).find('.')])

def prime(n):
    i = 1
    while i <= n:
        i = i + 1
        if n / (i * 1.0) == round_number(n / (i * 1.0)):
    if n / i != 1:
        return False , 0
        return n / i == 1 , n
def every_prime(n):
    i = 2
    while i <= n:
        is_it_prime , the_prime = prime(i)
        if is_it_prime == True:
            print the_prime
        i = i + 1

Thank you for your help :)
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Re: Prime problem

Postby metulburr » Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:29 pm

You did not provide the function call that you made to execute every_prime(). So i am assuming that the time you did not get None, you just executed the function, and the time you got None, you printed the call of the function.

every function in python returns None if you do not return something, and the print captures what is being returned and prints it to the screen.
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Re: Prime problem

Postby Vendelo » Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:38 pm

I am really stupid, thank you!!
All day I've been typing print every_prime(n) not knowing what I did wrong!

Thanks again :)
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