creating an apk file for android / kivy

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creating an apk file for android / kivy

Postby metulburr » Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:32 pm

Is there anyone on here who has yet successfully made an app on android using kivy here? I have been reading the documentation on there, and it is quite mind boggling. The install step, will lead to docs/site to download something else, which in turn that itself leads to a requirement, which leads you to another site/docs. It seems to go on forever until you say screw it, nevermind.

Particularly the ndk/sdk installs for the requirement of creating the .apk file. I am completely clueless as to this process. As the documentation for it leaves me asking myself, is it worth it?

I was hoping for a video tutorial of installing kivy and the process of creating an apk file and sending it to your android via linux environment, but i dont see one (at least using python). I see a ton in java.

I have successfully made a hello world app using java. That was stupid simple when they packaged SDK along with eclispe. I find it odd that the python process is harder. Unless i am missing some other solution that is more simple?

IN kivy virtual environment, the program runs fine. Its just a hello world program. I am trying to create an apk file out of it.
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