xbox one

xbox one

Postby metulburr » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:42 am

Beware a rant and rave:

As much as i hate Microsoft, i must admit that i own an xbox 360. Hey, sometimes i dont want to fight with linux to play games all the time. I use consoles when I just want to play games without the hassle of tinkering with the PC. I don;t really understand the horse crap extra stuff for the console as it is a gaming console, AKA GAMING. If i wanted to have a streaming device for netflix, i would buy a DVD player with netflix access. I have a gaming console for gaming. What sucks now is the 2 main gaming console makers are hard to choose for hard core gamers. Microsoft's xbox One or Sony's PS4. Playstation-wise, the ps3 launched with the promise to allow linux to be installed, but then reverted after you already bought it. Then the hacked PSN time, (which was caused by Sony lying about linux on the console) where in todays world, it is unexceptable for a gaming console to have their network shut down for a month plus. Essentially Sony are liars. Which leaves you with the xbox one crap. To be honest the one on the link i really hate is the kinect feature. The damn thing is always listening for you to turn it on. As an American i find this a violation of my privacy. Especailly when my country pretty much authorizes itself to strip everyone's rights away (American or not) for its own safety. I find my government to be out of control. How do you know what the xbox one really does with its audio that it obtains while it is off (or on) AKA when its hooked up to a power source. Does it really delete it? Or does it save it to hard disk? How would we know when Microsoft is closed source.
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Re: xbox one

Postby StormJedi » Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:18 pm

This is coming from someone who loves gaming in general.
I own a xbox 360, specifically for the kinect.
However, for 'serious' gaming, I use a pc. An analog stick will never compare to the precision of a mouse.
As for the privacy issue, disconnect the xbox from the internet, and no matter what the kinect sees/hears, it can't do much about it. Obviously this doesn't work for the xbox one. "Always on, always connected" scares me to no end. I picture the tv device from 1984, you couldnt turn it off, and it was always listening/watching.
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