Old User Deletion Announcement

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Old User Deletion Announcement

Postby micseydel » Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:03 pm

We have a great deal of unused accounts, many of which are just profiles with spam content. This is an announcement that starting from a month from today, I will begin routinely deleting profiles which both: (1) have 0 posts and (2) have not been active for a month or more. both of those conditions must be true for your profile to be at risk. So if you've ever made a post you're fine.

So if you have an account just so you can browse and keep track of read/unread, please introduce yourself here so that your single post will make you exempt.

I will make efforts so that no such efforts are necessary in the replacement forum, which I swear I will start working on soon (forking Kebap's repo).

- micseydel
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