zCoin - A P2P Crypto Currency Written in Python

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zCoin - A P2P Crypto Currency Written in Python

Postby ImportUsername » Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:45 pm

This was recently released on the Python section of Hack Forums, thought you guys might be interested in it as well
The original thread can be found here: http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=3871588
however a HF account is needed

Version 0.1.56


Hey there! I thought that I would share one of my most recent projects.

Today I preset to you zCoin, a P2P crypto currency that utilizes a Peer to Peer network.

The current difficulty for mining is at 7, the lowest it will ever be.

If you are interested in zCoin head over to https://github.com/Max00355/zCoin

Read the Readme to get started and start mining yourself :)

Tell me what you think, any suggestions/modifications are welcome.


Q: My miner says that I have a time out error, what does this mean?
A: When you run a miner, or a coin submitting script, the relay nodes themselves can not keep up with the output of your miner. To prevent corrution the relay nodes prevent any further connection. Simply run the script again, or set a time limit in between each coin being sent.

Q: How do I submit coin hashes that other people have given me?
A: Put your coins in coins.txt and run this script http://pastebin.com/m5gFBDA7

Q: My miner just shows "{'difficulty': 7}", what does that mean?
A: That's a great sign! That means that your node is mining! Now just leave it to it's work.

Q: Everyone else has coins except for me, why?
A: Coins are generated based on computing power and luck. Again, just give it time.

Q: I gave it time, my miner even says that I mined a coin but my balance didn't go up.
A: Ah, you just aren't synced with the network. A simple restart should fix the problem. If you are a relay node become a normal node again (if you don't know what that means don't worry about it)

Q: My database is broken! What do I do?
A: In the 0.1.56 + This shouldn't be a problem; HOWEVER, if you are having this problem, and you are a relay node, then it means that your computer can not handle being a relay node. The only way to fix the problem in this case would be to become a normal node again then restart your zcoin.py file with the the following command
python zcoin.py -fixdb

If you are already a normal node and you are getting this error open your shell and type "fixdb"

Q: My total coins is different from someone else's totalcoins.
A: Sometimes nodes get lost, just restart your node. When in doubt restart!


Coins in existence: 4420


Pillows - Supplied the two god node servers, thanks dude :)
SoulByte - Found an exploit in the send_coin function
ImportUsername - Helped spread zCoin through reddit, thanks man :)
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