Parsing String

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Parsing String

Postby arunPython » Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:47 am


I need the parse the following string to get the IP Address and MAC Address from this string.

str="[VIF({'ovs_interfaceid': None, 'qbg_params': None, 'meta': {}, 'qbh_params': None, 'devname': u'tapf05cfdba-99', 'type': None, 'id': u'f05cfdba-991f-41ad-a247-bb0ea74ef99f', 'network': Network({'label': u'Vlan10', 'meta': {'tenant_id': u'7b60c129780841d7838cffa6b800b304', 'injected': False}, 'bridge': None, 'id': u'91e97ca2-d2ec-42e3-830f-3e30cd374c95', 'subnets': [Subnet({'version': 4, 'gateway': IP({'version': 4, 'meta': {}, 'type': 'gateway', 'address': u''}), 'meta': {'dhcp_server': u''}, 'dns': [], 'ips': [FixedIP({'version': 4, 'meta': {}, 'type': 'fixed', 'floating_ips': [], 'address': u''})], 'routes': [], 'cidr': u''})]}), 'address': u'44:44:44:58:c2:e7'})]"

Any help can be really appreciable.

Arun V
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Re: Parsing String

Postby micseydel » Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:14 am

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