How am I doing (beginner here)?

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How am I doing (beginner here)?

Postby JamesG » Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:23 pm

Hello everyone! I'm a 20 year old who decided to finally get myself into programming with my brother recommending Python (with him being a web developer and can program video games using Python/Pygame). I've been following this tutorial online ( ... index.html) for about 45 days now, nearing the end of the first section entirely, been practicing what I've learned at least a few hours daily and with quite a few set backs recently. This is what I'm capable of doing:

Code: Select all
NAME = input('Enter name: ')
X = int(input('Enter number: '))
Y = 5

The name is {NAME}
whose favorite number is {X}
which multiplied by {Y}
is {result}.

"Fire" is to {fire}
"ice" is to {ice}
and "rain" is to {rain}.

def main():
    dictionary = thisDictionary()
    print(equationAndName(NAME, X, Y))
    print(equationAndName('Jeff', 10, 2))
    word = input('Enter fire, ice, or rain: ')
    print('Your element results in ', dictionary[word], '.', sep='')

def equationAndName(NAME, X, Y):
    result = X * Y
    statement = SENTENCE.format(**locals())
    return statement

def thisDictionary():
    elements = dict()
    elements['fire'] = 'heat'
    elements['ice'] = 'cold'
    elements['rain'] = 'wet'
    return elements

for blah in ['this', 'and', 'this']:
    print('Hello ', (blah), '.', sep='')
input('Press enter to terminate the program... ')

I know this program is pretty incoherent for an actual program, but writing random programs using what I've learned is the best way I've came up with to practice them.

I'm not looking to do this solely on money, but the working conditions for a programmer do seem nice and I think it would be neat to be able to do this to where I can make websites or other software for others and to be a part of making an indie video game to post on Steam or something some day (probably my biggest goal with programming). I suppose what I'm wondering is if I'm going about this in a good way or not and my overall potential given what I can do right now? Right now I plan to get through that tutorial (unless it's terrible past the first part). Not sure where I'll go after that besides to be sure to write programs daily to keep my knowledge/skills sharp.

Another thing that concerns me is that I don't feel comfortable articulating all these terms/techniques I'm using towards others like the pros/experts. I obviously know how to use them to where my programs don't crash and I do tend to see their significance, but I have a hard time putting them into words admittedly. Might be due to me having Aspergers, but my brother assured me that even after a year I'll still be having trouble with that. Not sure what to think about that, honestly. What do you guys think?
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Re: How am I doing (beginner here)?

Postby Kebap » Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:23 pm

Hello JamesG, welcome to the forums and to python! I hope you like what you already start to learn doing with python.

Lists, dictionaries, functions - These are great tools to begin with. I see you used them in your random code already. Maybe post some of the code where you face some of the set backs still? Then we can try and help.

It is hard to judge how good you can use your skills to accomplish something, when you only show some rather random code.. :mrgreen:

Also, what do you want to build next? What do you want your code to accomplish? You can look into web programming or pygame, if you like. Learn about classes and object-oriented programming. Or practice some more of what you learned already so far.

Maybe, besides working through the python tutorial, try putting some of your skills to test in the codingbat challenges for example:

Hope it helps, have fun!
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