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Beginner help

Postby y2mash » Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:33 pm

Hi guys,

Totally new to the forum and also to Python. I require to teach myself how to code and program in python but need a number of questions clarifying before i embark upon this quest.

Firstly i want to use a book or resource which would teach me how to competently learn how to code and understand the principles behind python. I have very very limited programming knowledge and consider myself a complete beginner so require a book or resource which would teach me everything practically from scratch? So what do people suggest i use??

Secondly which version of python should i be learning in, ive read that version 3 is better however is not used as much as version 2. I am a secondary and college teacher so i need to learn in order to deliver GCSE and A-Level curriculum which has heavy programming content and i need to ideally use the most recent i assume unless you would suggest using the older version.

Your help would greatly assist me in developing myself and breaking the programming barrier that has been infront of me for a number of years. I am extremely excited at mustering the courage to begin and your help will really set me along my way.

Thanks in advance

Mash :)
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Re: Beginner help

Postby stranac » Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:51 pm

If you're completely new to programming, LPTHW is the thing people usually recommend.

As to which version, most people still use python 2, mostly due to some really good 3rd-party libraries lacking support for python 3.
If you don't care about those, the choice is totally up to you.
You might want to read this for more details.

The differences between the 2 are not too big, switching is easy.
For learning, I would just go with the version your chosen tutorial/book uses.
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Re: Beginner help

Postby y2mash » Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:23 pm

Hi and thanks for you reply

It is suggested and recommended for me to use version 3 as this would be most applicable with the course structure. So given that, it wouldnt be wise for me to use LPTHW as that is in version 2.

Are there any resources or books you or anyone else could recommend to help me learn version 3?

Many thanks for your help

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