Syntax coding problem, help pls

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Syntax coding problem, help pls

Postby NakamariFR » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:13 am

Hello everybody
I'am trying to make a simple script (i'am new at this) and got a syntax problem
Anybody can help ?


I got this result when run

Code: Select all
C:\Python34\python.exe L:/
  File "L:/", line 17
    print cleDeControle('020860101347')
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Process finished with exit code 1

Code: Select all
def cleDeControle(chars):
   factor = [7, 3, 1]
   result = 0
   for index, char in enumerate(chars.upper()):
      if char == '<':
         char = 0
      elif char >= 'A' and char <= 'Z':
         char = ord(char) - 55
         char = int(char)
      result += char * factor[index % 3]
   return result % 10
print cleDeControle('020860101347') # Affiche « 8 »
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Re: Syntax coding problem, help pls

Postby stranac » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:21 am

Are you using python 3?
If so, that line should be:
Code: Select all

(print is a function in python 3)

Also, please use code tags for tracebacks as well, the indentation is important there too.
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