pyQT4, QTextEdit & painting ontop of it

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pyQT4, QTextEdit & painting ontop of it

Postby Naib » Sat May 10, 2014 4:06 pm

I have been converting an application of from pyGTK/pyGObject to pyQT4 (multiple reasons but the main is gtk3 using cairo and it is very inefficient).
I have re-implemented/duplicated almost all the main functionality.

The last bit is todo with Gtk.Entry --> QtGui.QLineEdit
I have been making use of Gtk.Entry().set_progress_fraction() that basically draws a progressbar on the entry ( ... ction.html)

This is quite useful as it provides a visible feedback to the user as to how large/small their entry is w.r.t. predefined limits.

There doesn't seem to be an equivalent in pyQT4 so I have been looking into how it could be done but have become very lost.

Does anyone have any idea?

I did come across this: ... -or-pyside but it seems overly complicated
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