Performance OSX vs win XP ( win 2008 server)

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Performance OSX vs win XP ( win 2008 server)

Postby pxbaker » Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:54 pm


I would like any tips to increase performance on windows python 2.6.2

I use a product which can internally use python as a scripting language ( 2.6.2), I'm not a regular python user so my apologies for any gaffs made.

We had a requirement to split a large(ish) file into smaller chunks to pass onto downstream processing, and so I wrote a quick script to loop through and split the file. I was amazed to find that on my macbook ( python 2.7) it was 10x faster than running under windows. I tried a number of python versions (2.6 - 3.3) but it is always faster on mac osx. I've also tried removing the opens/writes which had little effect on mac osx, but a 5x increase when on windows.

I cant change the deployment platform from windows (python2.6.2) and am a little frustrated that my laptop performs better than a 32core 64GB windows server!

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#! /usr/bin/python
import os
import sys
import re
from time import time

t = time()

# Split a pre sorted text file into multiple outputs based on the leftmost element
# delimited by spaces.
# The second element can be used for an additional sort and will stripped from the
# output when 'isLeadingSort=1'
# parameter:
#       path:           char    path for the input file
#       outPath:        char    path for the output files
#       isLeadingSort   int     use the 2nd of 3rd element as output data
#       isdbg           int     enable debug prints

# Just use the cmd at the moment for test
path= sys.argv[1]
outPath = sys.argv[2]
isLeadingSort = int(sys.argv[3])
isdbg = int(sys.argv[4])

#outPath = os.getcwd()
#isLeadingSort = 0
#isdbg = 0

# define all the functions up front

def printStr(str):
    """ print when the debug option is set """
    if isdbg:
        print (str)

def testPath(path):
    """raise an exception if we cant find the path or file"""
    if not os.path.exists(path):
        raise Exception ('File not found: ' + path )
        return false

# This is where we start
# check that the paths exist or raise an exception


printStr ('paths ok')

arline = []
fnameOut = chr(1) # init the output filename

# open the input file for reading and process though in a loop
with open(path,'r') as f:
    for line in f:
        printStr( 'for line in f: ' )

        if isLeadingSort:
        arLine = re.split('[ \n]+',line,wrds)
        newFname = arLine[0]
        outLine = arLine[len(arLine)-1]

        if newFname == fnameOut:
            printStr ('writing to open file: ' + fnameOut) 
            fnameOut = newFname
            printStr ('opennextfile: ' + fnameOut + '- closing: ' + str(fOut) )

            if fnameOut in ('' , '\n'):
                raise Exception ('Filename is not the first element of the data: '  )
            fOut = open(os.path.join(outPath,fnameOut),'w') # open new

print ( 'timediff : ' + str(time() - t))
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