[pyOpenGL tutorials] OpenGL with Python

[pyOpenGL tutorials] OpenGL with Python

Postby Mekire » Wed Apr 03, 2013 11:56 am

I have recently been working my way through the online book:
Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming by Jason L. McKesson

I have thus far translated the tutorial code from chapters 1-6 (of 17) into python . I use pygame for the window creation and event control; pyOpenGL for the OpenGL bindings; and numpy (where applicable). GLSL 330 or higher is also required (updating your graphics driver may be necessary if you have a lower version).

I personally found it pretty difficult to find information on this subject (almost everything you find is either obsolete (using the fixed function pipeline) or geared only towards C++). I have posted my work so far on bitbucket.

Hopefully some will find these useful.
Alternately if you are an experienced OpenGL coder I would love to hear advice/suggestions if you have any.


I will continue to work through the book, and will hopefully eventually have a complete conversion of all tutorials... but this may take a while.
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