New Users Introduce Yourself

New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby ichabod801 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:19 am

There's been a discussion about whether or not to have a new user's section for a while, but I had to wonder if a thread would be sufficient. Let's find out.

Hi, I'm Craig. Back in 1980 my dad (who was an HP fanatic) bought an HP-85. I immediately fell in love with Hunt the Wumpus and Moire Graphics. He told me I could have my own tape for the tape drive :shock: if I learned how to program BASIC. I've been programming ever since.

These days I'm a statistician at the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Most of my programming there is pulling and summarizing data with SAS, and I write various reports related to chemical hazards and other odds and ends.

I learned Python when I was volunteering at this place called Computers for Kids. They'd teach low income kids how to use computers and then give them a refurbished one when they graduated. One kid I was teaching wanted to learn programming, so I looked for an easy to learn programming language and found Python. Which was a lot simpler than the Java I was using for hobby projects at the time. I switched and never looked back.
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby Mekire » Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:56 am

I'm Sean.
I messed around with GW Basic as a kid (horrible stuff) but never did anything really serious with it.
Eventually I found myself at a community college studying Electrical Engineering. My programming teacher there, "Taught us C because he had to, and taught us Python because he wanted to," in his words. Eventually I went to a proper university to study physics which, after several bad teachers (one of whom was a C teacher that only knew Fortran) I left to study Japanese (an amazing career move I have to tell you).

I now "teach" English in Japan on a tiny island most have never heard of. I also work on 2-D retro style games in python when I have the time. I hope to eventually get accepted into a Computational Linguistics program somewhere for grad school.

Link to my stuff (all of which needs recoding save for Chaotic Hegemony): Mek's Pygames

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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby casevh » Tue Feb 26, 2013 6:05 am

I started programming in 1978 on a Heathkit H8 that my friend's older brother assembled. I dropped out of college to sell and support the early (pre-IBM) desktop computers. I sold Hewlett-Packard computers and I remember the HP-85. I collected many of the HP calculators of that era. I have an HP-9100A and an HP-65 sits on my desk at work.

I eventually went back to school and finished my degree in Mathematics. I stayed in the high tech world and I'm now a network engineer. My first Python program monitored the response time of our internal corporate web server. It was written in Python 1.4. :)

I still dabble in math and maintain the GMPY and GMPY2 libraries for fast multiple-precision arithmetic.
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby Peanut » Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:57 pm


I'm Peter, 24, I am currently studying Civil Engineering and have finally started learning a programming language after a year or so of daydreaming about it. To be honest, I know little of the workings of computers but am a sponge for information.

I am learning Python as it was suggested as a good first language, and eventually look to continue learning more about programming and computer technology. I also have a wild fantasy pipe dream that I will eventually be able to use this knowledge to support myself working from a beach in Thailand with a beer beside me. (Please please please do not tear that dream apart, but you are of course free to snigger... :lol:)

As I mentioned, I am an information sponge and enjoy learning about pretty well ANYTHING. I also enjoy traveling and in living without spending money so I don't have to work :D .

Finally, I ask for your patience as I will probably be asking lots of questions.

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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby StuBurn_Tracer » Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:14 am

:arrow: :arrow: Hi Guys i'm Muhammad Sufian Sarfraz i'M From Pakistan.i'M a Student & A Juni0r i0s Developer i've Always Wanted T0 Create Something & Learn Something But i Couldn't Afford To Learn Costly Programms S0 i Decided T0 Learn Python Last Year i Thought This Would Be Toughest Language F0r Absolute Beginners To Learn Python..........But Yesterday Evening i Was Reading The Pyth0n Tutorials & i Started T0 Love It.

"Yesterday Evening I've Learned Whole Python iN Few Hours S0 I Guess I Need More Grip T0 Make Mine's Python Better"

i Really Liked This Pyth0n Language i Guess i Could Make Things ,Scripts ,Games Own Mine's Own But As A Matter 0f Fact I've Just Started Learning Python N0w S0 i Guess You'll Guys Help Meh T0 Make Python Easier F0r Meh To Learn,i'll Give Mine's Best T0 D0 Eff0rt.i Really Really Loved This Language & ThankS To The Developers Who Have Had D0ne This To Learn To Begin With Easier Steps................!!!

Thank You Guys & Developers H0pe S0 i'll Find S0me HelpfuL Guys & Developers Here Who Will Teach Meh More ;) ;)
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby pydsigner » Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:17 pm

Heya, I'm Daniel. In some circles I go as Pyndragon.

I'm a senior in high school, and have been programming in Python for 4-6 years. I've messed around with kiddie languages like Scratch, KTurtle, and sdlBasic; I've tinkered around with Java, C, and Lua (more recently); but Python is and has always been my serious language of choice. I also use HTML5 and CSS3 on a regular basis.
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby Yoriz » Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:44 pm

Hi I'm Yoriz and I'm an alcoholic .... oops wrong forum :? .
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby micseydel » Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:53 am

Yoriz wrote:Hi I'm Yoriz and I'm an alcoholic .... oops wrong forum :? .


Hello, I began using Python in 2005, having originally learned from Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional by Magnus Lie Hetland and the free online source How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. I became an active member of this forum in 2009, and began learning Python much better at that point.

I took my first CS course in college after having programmed for four years, wanting to take it for fun even though I was an aerospace engineering major. I thought the class was an easy A, ending up in the very top of the class in performance. I didn't want to switch majors because I was afraid of ruining my hobby by making it a profession, but have since changed my mind, and am now in my last year at UC Davis as a computer science major. I'm an OOP guy too.

So I've used Python for 7 years now, and some of my code can be found on Bitbucket, I've solved 78 Project Euler problems at the time of this writing, I work part time for a new small company called Dinnerwire (using Python), and am looking for full-time employment post-college right now. In the computer science club here at Davis, I've given one lecture on Python to try to teach CS majors who did not already know it (or who wanted more) to spread the awesomeness that is Python, and I intend to give more. I love Python, programming, problem-solving and software engineering. I love helping others to learn Python better.

Besides Python, I enjoy barefoot running, rock climbing, swimming, and participating in whatever is going on around me.
Due to the reasons discussed here we will be moving to on October 1, 2016.

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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby metulburr » Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:46 pm

I believe i am the newbie from the previous forum. I just starting programming c++ a couple years ago, and then started python. Got hooked and programmed with that ever since. Havent had a need yet to go back to c++.

I am more so a hobby programmer i guess now. I just program for fun. I did try going into college a year back, but i bailed on it, and now am in debt for it too. So it would be a long time till i can go back, if i ever can. Eh, i dont know if i have time anymore. I have 2 kids now.
we will be moving to on October 1 2016
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby StormJedi » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:24 pm

I've always tried to learn everything at once, I know Python, and C++ well enough to write it, Perl, PHP, and Ruby well enough to read and edit.
I also mess around with modeling in Blender, and I enjoy mapping for games made in the q3 engine.
And through all this, I'm trying to find a guide on the creation of my own OS, I don't expect it to ever be useful, but to build an entire OS with your own hands seems like the Holy Grail of programming.

I also enjoy watching lectures given by Donald Knuth on Youtube. My favorite comic is XKCD, and my favorite hacker is Eric Raymond.
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby setrofim » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:29 pm


I've started programming fairly late -- it wasn't until uni that I really got into it. I'm always a little bit jealous when I read stories of how much fun people where having with Amiga's and HP-85's and whatnot. My only childhood encounter with programming was with QBASIC, and that didn't go very far (the fact that I didn't speak English at the time and couldn't understand any of the docs didn't help). The next time I tried programming was during A level (Junior/Senior high school, for those from across the pond). That was in Delphi and it wasn't particularly inspirational. It was almost on a whim that I chose to do Computer Science at university (best decision I ever made).

I have now been developing software professionally for about five and half years. In this time, I have worked in a number of different areas: architecture, system-level coding, build-and-test infrastructure development, and application development. Most of that was on Symbian OS. These days I write apps for Window Phone and Windows 8.

I have started writing Perl scripts to help me with various code line management and analysis tasks, and that quickly became my main activity for a while (most architects had forgotten how to code, so having someone whip up a quick script for them was quite useful). About four years ago I had switched to Python and found it to be a real breath of fresh air compared Perl. I had been using it, to a greater or lesser extent, ever since.
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby StormJedi » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:55 pm

If I ever find a Python vs. Perl conversation, I will always be on the Python side.
But if you have something you want done in Linux, you're more likely to see a Perl script to do it.
As such, I have tried to keep at least a basic understanding of Perl.
Python 2.7
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One day I hope to use one OS and 1 Python flavor, until that day, life goes on.
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby nathanjw » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:56 pm

Howdy folks. I was around "before" but have re-registered with what was, I think, my original username.

I've been learning Python 3 for about a year or so. Am currently trying to right a basic turn-based strategy game loosely based on Space Hulk using Pygame. At the same time I'm attempting to crossover into Pyglet as the ability to distribute without additional packages is an attractive one. I mainly flit between Eric 5 and NINJA-IDE in a Xubuntu VM mainly because I know almost nothing about Linux, (but am learning the hard way!) and inevitably cock up my install! :D

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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby bcuz » Thu May 16, 2013 8:30 pm

I've been messing around with Python on and off for over a year now. I've worked through Learn Python the Hard Way a few times and most of Udacity's CS 101 course.

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2011. Right now I work random jobs and help authors with their marketing, but I have a lot of free time. One reason why I joined this forum is because I want to get serious about programming since it's probably my best shot at a proper life (i.e. a steady job with benefits).
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby elija » Fri May 17, 2013 12:16 pm

Hello world!

I'm Elija and I am a programmer. I started out on my friends ZX81 with the 16K ram pack that was so wobbly that it fell out of the slot all the time and quickly migrated to my Vic 20 and thence to an Atari ST which was in the golden age of computing. From this you can tell I am no spring chicken! Programmed professionally for the last 25 years or so with the past 8 being mainly PHP.

I have all of 4 days experience with Python so am a complete beginner with the language so I expect to have some daft questions for you over the coming days and months.

As I said in another post, Python feels kind of like the BASIC languages from the 16 bit days by which I mean fun.
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby StormJedi » Fri May 17, 2013 6:22 pm

You wouldn't happen to have played JKA in the past?
If not, sorry for the misunderstanding.
Python 2.7
Python 3.3
Windows 7 x64
Ubuntu 12.10 x64
One day I hope to use one OS and 1 Python flavor, until that day, life goes on.
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby robgraves » Tue May 21, 2013 9:14 pm

Hi my name is robgraves,
I was registered on the OLD python-forums but totally inactive. I have been procrastinating my plan to learn python for too long. I have the O'Reilly series Learning Python and Programming Python books by Mark Lutz (4th Edition) I'm working through, ( I call them the mouse book and the snake book respectively). The user(admin too now i guess) metulburr on here is my younger brother. I currently primarily live in linux, I have machines running Windows 7, Ubuntu 13.04, Arch Linux and Gentoo Linux, with Gentoo being my primary lately.
I've done a little in C++, did some BASIC and Pascal in school, but for the most part i have little programming experience, and honestly after some of the stuff my brother has cranked out, I decided I'd focus on learning Python. I'll probably only bug you guys when I can't understand something from the books, but who knows...I'm idling in the IRC channel as well.

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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby Crimson King » Tue May 21, 2013 11:33 pm

Hello, my name is Federico and i'm from Argentina.

Like robgraves i was registered on the old forums but didn't post anything as far as i can remember.

I'm studying system analysis (idk if that's the correct name for that, it's a literal translation from spanish) but plan to change my carrer choice to computer science in august (that's the start of a new semester here).

Been messing around with Python for a little less than a year, trying to pick up Idioms and tricks from several sites.

I'm currently working as a C# programmer (1.5 years) , but also code some Python at work if i get the chance. My machine runs Windows 7, Ubuntu 13.04 and Archlinux.

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Postby JaylinMills » Fri May 24, 2013 8:05 pm

Hi...all I am new on this forum. I will try my best to share all the knowledge I have. Thank you.
Jaylin Mills
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Re: New Users Introduce Yourself

Postby Mike_S » Tue May 28, 2013 4:34 am

I migrated from the old forum, was here in the beginning but my account was flagged as spam, thanks to metulburr for getting it sorted out. :o

I'm a newb to Python, programming in general, have been for a long time - i_am(hit&miss):. I do hope to gain a few skills by learning from you guys. I'm reading thru Dave Kuhlman's 'A Python Book', I like it so far. I tried Lott's Building Skills Python Intro but the lack of answers with the exercises made it a bit frustrating, for me anyway, so I put it down around ch.6.

Anyway, joyful and productive coding to all.

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