beginner in python programming please kindly help me

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beginner in python programming please kindly help me

Postby sanjayanammu » Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:48 am


I am working on a Project in which my task is to design a command prompt application using python technology to collect data such as the appointments, events, user contact etc. from server, In the firm I work everyone uses Thunderbird or other calendar applications to store their appointments, events, etc. these data are stored in one main central server. My task is to develop a command line interface to connect to this server and get all the data such as user contacts, appointments, events etc. And display them in cmd according to user selections but since I am beginner to development and python I really confused about how to start I am stuck at starting point and very much confused without any idea. I have been given a test system to test my application with but I am really struck without any clues.

I kindly request someone to help me in my problem since this the beginning of my carrier. Any ideas, suggestions, advice's, help offered is really appreciated a lot.

Thank You & Regards,
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Re: beginner in python programming please kindly help me

Postby stranac » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:36 am

Sorry, but that is not nearly enough information for us to give any real help.

You'll need to:
  1. Connect to the server(I have no idea what kind of server it is, so I can't be more specific)
  2. Access the files used by whatever application they're using
  3. Parse those files(again, I know nothing of the format, so I can't be more specific)
  4. Display the results to the user

It is very unlikely that anyone will be able to offer more assistance without more details.

Also, you should give coding this a try, and coming back with any problems you encounter, or specific questions.
That would make helping you much easier.
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