OS X Python 3 Trouble

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OS X Python 3 Trouble

Postby kw681 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:33 pm

I am having a bit of trouble getting started with Python 3 on my mac. I've downloaded python 3 from the website and when I type python into terminal it says it is loading 3.3 (I used some terminal commands to make that happen) but when i use IDLE to write programs in Python 3 it runs them in python 2 even though I launch them in python launcher 3 e.g. replying to input commands without quotation marks brings up an error message where as using raw_input (which shouldn't work on python 3) makes this problem go away but when I use input commands directly in terminal it does works.

Can anybody offer any advice as to why this is happening so i can carry on learning python 3?

Many thanks
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