Setting Path in Python (for Windows)

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Setting Path in Python (for Windows)

Postby DragonForest » Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:25 am


I've installed python in C:\python27\ and set my PATH variable in the Windows environment, so I can run python in DOS from anywhere:


C:\>python . . .

works fine in running the Python Interpreter.

However, when I want to pass a filename argument to Python, I still need to specify the full file path


C:\>python testfile.txt [<- Doesn't work if testfile.txt is in C:\python27\]

I have to specify:

C:\> python C:\python27\testfile.txt

How do I tell the system to look for testfile.txt in the C:\python27\ directory/folder?

Many thanks in advance!
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Re: Setting Path in Python (for Windows)

Postby metulburr » Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:00 am

python files should be ext .py

C:\>python testfile.txt [<- Doesn't work if testfile.txt is in C:\python27\]

this line indicates your lack of experience with the command line. You should get use to working in it if you plan on programming too.

the idea of setting the PATH is to run python anywhere on your system. AKA so you can run programs outside of that directory. You look like your trying to lose that ability by narrowing it back down to just that directory? In that case there would be no point to setting the PATH variable as all your programs would already be able to run in that directory.

If your running a program from outside its directory, you will need to get use to running it with the fullpath (or at least to its subdirectory) , but most people just change to that directory
Code: Select all
cd <directory>
python <filename>

instead of
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python <path/to/filename>

the way you have it currently set is the way you want it.
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Re: Setting Path in Python (for Windows)

Postby snippsat » Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:13 am

How do I tell the system to look for testfile.txt in the C:\python27\ directory/folder?

You most add to environment Variables. ... windows-7/
To Path you add ;C:\python27\;C:\python27\scripts

Start cmd type python,if it work python interpreter start.
Then you can do python <path/to/filename> from anywhere in cmd.
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Re: Setting Path in Python (for Windows)

Postby Mike_S » Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:02 pm

Hi DragonForest

metulburr and snippsat pretty much gave you the details to get set up to run Python properly. If I may, can I offer a few tips too, I think their a good idea...

... As pointed out you add Python to the PATH so your system can find it --- C:\Python27
... As well, snippsat mentioned adding --- C:\Python27\Scripts --- this helps to locate scripts that might be needed depending on the packages installed.
... I like to add my own Python scripts to the PATH as well --- C:\MyPy --- short, sweet, and I avoid spaces in the name.

So, this particular PATH addendum would be --- ;C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts;C:\MyPy

But, it does get old typing out the path to your scripts, especially when you have 5 thumbs on each hand like I do, that is why I also use a console enhancement to make using the command prompt a bit easier. Here's 2...

Both are free and portable, Console is my favorite. I like having tabs, and more importantly you can have the default startup directory be your python (.py) scripts directory.

... I start Console in -- C:\MyPy> -- to run a script I type -- >python -- and hit enter.
... It's nice to be able to open a second tab -- C:\>, type 'python' and now Python is running too --- >>> print 'Hello World!'

PowerShell may do all this too, not sure.

I have not tested this and I may have misunderstood but, if you add .PY and .PYC to PATHEXT (not PATH), if you have a standard Python install and Python registers these files, you may not have to type the extension only the name of the script --- >python myscript (rather than >python I use portable Python so nothing is registered and I've yet to confirm this.

Anyway, hope some of this is beneficial to you.

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