Using specific msvc libraries for code compilation

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Using specific msvc libraries for code compilation

Postby austinmilt » Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:23 pm

I have written some Cython code and compiled a .pyd to include as part of a package. The package is an ArcGIS toolbox that uses a different version of the msvc libraries (msvcr90.dll, msvcp90.dll, msvcm90.dll) and a different manifest. This causes a version compatibility problem when I import ArcGIS's main module, arcpy.

How can I tell my to use the msvc libraries that ArcGIS uses during compilation?

Alternatively, is there a work-around, e.g. excluding the manifest from the compiled code (which I have tried to do, but seemingly unsuccessfully)?

I have posted related issues to two other forums. If you have access, please see the following posts for more info: ... t-be-found!topic ... 2MlRj2GdZQ

EDIT (6/25/13 @10:05 AM): I just got a work-around for my issue, which is to import the compiled code before the arcpy module. However, my question still stands, though with less urgency.
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