check which file doesn't exist in the file list.

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check which file doesn't exist in the file list.

Postby wa110 » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:35 am

I want to check which com(file) doesn't exist in the file list.

where com is an array list of computer name
the file look something like "capacity_DTCP-TSAIME002_20130512.csv"
At the moment it compare every file with the string(name)
like this
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for com in comList:
   path = 'D:\\StatsScript\\download\\AppStats'
   for files in os.walk('.'):
      for file in files[2]:
         if ( str(file).lower() == ("capacity_" + com + "_" + str(d.strftime('%Y%m%d')) + ".csv" ).lower() ):
            infile = csv.reader(open(file,"r"))
            fb = open(file,"r")

Since I know the exact name of the coputer
e.g. comList = ['US1S-TSDAAPP01', 'US1S-TSDAAPP02', 'US1S-TSDAAPP03', 'US1S-TSDAAPP04']
Im want to do something like this
path = 'D:\\StatsScript\\download\\AppStats\\"capacity_" + com + "_" + str(d.strftime('%Y%m%d')) + ".csv'
which might make my program run faster, however it doesn't let me use this kind of syntax.

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Re: check which file doesn't exist in the file list.

Postby metulburr » Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:57 am

path = 'D:\\StatsScript\\download\\AppStats\\"capacity_" + com + "_" + str(d.strftime('%Y%m%d')) + ".csv'

your string starts and stops throughout the whole thing. It is not one full string, a thus gives a syntax error

Use raw strings, and use the format method to insert a value into the string. You can concatenate them, but you are not doing it correctly.
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import time

path = 'D:\\StatsScript\\download\\AppStats\\capacity_com_{}.csv'.format(
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