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Spyder - Qt based Python IDE

Postby octopez » Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:47 pm

Hi guys,

just stumbled upon this and wanted to share it with you:

It's "Spyder", a Qt (uses PySide AFAIK) based IDE for Python. I tested it right now and what should I say? I'm stunned. :shock:
Spyder wrote:- Syntax coloring for Python, C/C++ and Fortran files
- Powerful dynamic code introspection features (powered by rope):
Code completion and calltips
Go to an object definition with a mouse click
- Class and function browser.
- Occurrence highlighting.
- To-do lists (TODO, FIXME, XXX).
- Get errors and warnings on the fly (provided by pyflakes)
- Breakpoints and conditional breakpoints to use with the python debugger (pdb).

If you're looking out for a fast IDE, give it a try!
Greetings and all the best,

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Re: Spyder - Qt based Python IDE

Postby memilanuk » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:21 pm

The built-in support for pylint and pep8 and ipython is very nice as well. The upcoming v.2.2 takes care of a few bugs and should smooth things up considerably.
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