Help me figure this out please ?

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Help me figure this out please ?

Postby Joseaguirre » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:40 pm

What i want this script to do is to look for a file, whatever you put in so lets say inside of my program files i want python to open skype so i type its name and press enter and nothing happens, i checked the key.event and i think it is set correctly ?
Can anyone tell me whats going on please?

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import sys
from Tkinter import *
import os
from subprocess import Popen

root = Tk()
directory = 'C:\program files'
filenames = list(os.walk(directory))[0][2]
print list(os.walk(directory))[0]
print list(os.walk(directory))[0][2]

string = ''
def main(event):
    global string
    global directory
    if event.keycode == 36 :
        for filename in filenames:
            if string in filename:
                Popen(filename, shell=True)
    if event.keycode == 46 or event.keycode == 8:
        string = string[:-1]
        string += event.char.strip()
    print 'string:', string
    print 'matches:', [i for i in filenames if string in i]

frame = Frame(root, width=400, height=400)
frame.bind("<Key>", main)

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Re: Help me figure this out please ?

Postby stranac » Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:32 pm

That is not the correct way to use os.walk().

What do you get when you print filenames?
Is it what you expected?
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