Code for retrieving followers from Twitter API results in al

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Code for retrieving followers from Twitter API results in al

Postby Clockchan » Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:05 pm

I would like to scrape the Twitter API to retrieve the follower ids for specific users, so that I can map their connections.

When I run the code below, the followerIds for each individual user are the same, which can't be right. Every time I run the program I get a different common follower id...every user has the same follower id, but the follower id that's repeated is different every time I run the program. How do I fix this problem?

Code: Select all
        import json
    except ImportError:
        import simplejson as json
        import urllib2
        import urllib
        import codecs
        import time
        import datetime
        import os
        import random
        import time
        import tweepy
    from tweepy.parsers import RawParser
        import sys

    fhLog ="LOG.txt",'a','UTF-8')
    def logPrint(s):
    print s

    #List of screennames of users whose followers we want to get
    users =["_AReichert",

     # == OAuth Authentication ==

    # The consumer keys can be found on your application's Details
    # page located at (under "OAuth settings")

    # After the step above, you will be redirected to your app's page.
    # Create an access token under the the "Your access token" section

    auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key, consumer_secret)
    auth.set_access_token(access_token, access_token_secret)

    rawParser = RawParser()
    api = tweepy.API(auth_handler=auth, parser=rawParser)

    #Will store ids of followers for each user in the user_output directory
    os.system("mkdir -p user_output") #Create directory if it does not exist

    for user in users:
         print("Getting user %s of %s"%(userCnt,len(users)))
        nCursor=-1#First page
        while count>0:

               fh=open("user_output/"+str(id_str)+"_" + str(count) + ".json","r")
               fh=open("user_output/"+str(id_str)+"_" + str(count) + ".json","w")

            if nCursor=="0":
                print("Another page to get")


    logPrint("\nDONE! Completed Successfully")
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Re: Code for retrieving followers from Twitter API results i

Postby micseydel » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:09 pm

Can you replicate your problem with 10 or less lines of code that we are able to run ourselves?
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